Back from Vacation!

I've been away on vacation with very limited internet access.  While that is kind of wonderful in its own way, posting to my blog was near impossible.  I wish I had been prepared and savvy enough to have found a host blogger while I was away but, I have to admit I wasn't.  I'll be working on that in the future.

I can share a neat thing that happened on my vacation, however.  My husband and I often find some kind of take-out and bring it to a rest area along Cape Cod Canal.  The view is beautiful and it is something we have done for years.  We decided to do this one day last week and were surprised at how many cars were in the parking lot when we arrived.  To my best recollection, it has never been that full before.  When we parked, there were dozens of people sitting in lawn chairs facing the canal.   We soon discovered, by asking some of the seated people, that a ship called the Charles W. Morgan was going to be making a voyage down the Cape Cod Canal in honor of the canal's 100th year anniversary.  Upon a quick google search we learned that the Charles W. Morgan is the last American whaling ship and usually finds its home in Mytic Seaport, Connecticut.  How lucky we felt to have happened upon it!

Here are some of the majestic photos we took.
 I did some more research and found that the Charles W. Morgan was built in 1841 and was a whaling ship for 80 years.  During that time it went on 37 voyages around the world.  Pretty impressive!

I will get back to posting designs and events but I thought this was a neat story too!

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