Spring/Easter Decorating

I have a shelf in my kitchen that my husband made for me years ago.  The style really doesn't fit the room especially well anymore but, at the time he built it, it was just what I wanted on that wall.  So, I have to say... I love it.  Not only do I love it because my husband built it for me but, I love it because it is a blank canvas for all the seasons and holidays of the year.  I am continually changing its decorations and that is fun for me!

Unfortunately, however, it never photographs as well as I think it should.  The shelf always looks better in real life, but I keep trying nonetheless. 

I am in the process of decorating my home for Easter but have had many, many interruptions, as I am sure you experience also whenever trying to get something accomplished!  It will probably be a fight to the finish to get everything done in time for Easter but, I am up for the challenge!

 I'm starting with my beloved shelves.  First thing to go were my winter dishes and vases.  
I thought everything looked nice during the winter months but now I need color!

I haven't had time to go shopping for new dinnerware and display items so I went to my storage area and found some old dishes I had stored away.  Do you have old treasures stowed away that you could take out for Spring or Easter?
The pewter tri-candlestick holders ended up staying on the shelf.  They seem to go with everything.  Thank you Aunt Marilyn for your generous gift!  Next I placed the small violet plates over the glass plates to give a little depth to the middle shelf.  I also added the foxglove plates, hydrangea platter, white filigree plates and the  resin ducks.
It was coming along.
Added some white candlestick holders and some botany postcards.  Oh, I also added some mugs from the dinnerware set (I forget to mention that earlier).  It was looking good but, you know me...I thought it needed more!
So, I went to the grocery store and bought two bunches of daffodils for $4, just enough to add a contrasting color.  Up top you can see the little bunny and sheep cart; all are treasures I've kept through the years.

How is the shelf doing in the photography department?  It really does look pretty in my kitchen.  The photography part is always the hardest!  I hope you can enjoy the view anyway.
As Easter gets closer, I may try tulips instead of daffodils.  They didn't end up performing as well as I had hoped.

It's fun to be able to start to think about spring decor and Easter.  It's such a happy time of the year!  I hope I've inspired you to dig out some of your old treasures to fill up your house with spring decor.  I'm sure I'll fiddle around with my shelf again and again until I feel it is just right.  Isn't that the fun of it all, though?!

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