A Boston Flower & Garden Show 2015 Review

My daughter and I decided to go again to the Boston Flower & Garden Show this year, mainly because of the tough winter we have been experiencing.  (I know I have talked about this way too much but, facts are facts.  It has been terrible and we needed a burst of Spring!)

After going to the show, I had decided not to blog about it because, to be honest, I was a little disappointed this year.  There were far fewer grand exhibits than previous years and way too many vendors for my liking. I especially didn't like that many vendors sold items that had nothing to do with gardens or flowers at all. However, upon thinking about it, I supposed the organizers of the show had to make concessions.  Vendors are what keep the flower show going, I'm sure.  So, I'll be more forgiving next year.

However, after reviewing the photos I took while at the show, I changed my mind about wanting to share my experience.  When I re-examined my visit, I realized that there really were many, many nice exhibits and displays at the show.   I also decided I should blog about it because flower shows, among other things, foster floral education and can produce the joy of gardening in some people.  Of course, that is something I am very interested it!

So here goes...The Boston Flower & Garden Show, Season of Enchantment.  I hope you enjoy!!
 These are some of the large exhibits that were seen as you entered the Seaport World Trade Center.
The exhibitors create a real-sized garden with outbuildings and fountain features.  The large disk in this photo is a water fountain.

 A working water wheel was quite impressive!
At this exhibit, you were supposed to "plant something."  The materials were provided.
Sitting pretty!
 I loved this raised-bed garden.  I have always wanted one of these!
Maybe this year!

Floral Displays
 After the large exhibits came the floral displays.
 I should have taken notes but, I think these displays had something to do with hats!


There is a competition part to the flower show.  This is where regional garden clubs compete in floral design.
There was an Art competition, as well.
 This was my daughter's favorite piece.  This arrangement is very traditional and colorful,
very pretty!  I believe it received the Blue Ribbon in its category. 
 I thought this was interesting with the leaves that looked dead but were really alive,
quite different.

 Table settings incorporated with floral arrangements.
 This, I believe, was to replicate a baby shower.
So cute.
 I absolutely loved this arrangement! I thought it was so interesting with the carrots.  I am going to try something like this myself one of these days. Very creative!
 I think this was called, "Through the Looking Glass".
 These last two arrangements were supposed to represent the "Emerald City" of  Wizard of Oz fame.
See the ruby slippers?

 Miniature Gardens

 Here we have a container garden.  What made this so interesting to me was the use of Brussels sprouts in the arrangement.  I must be into vegetables this year!
I'm not sure how pretty the Brussels sprouts look but it's interesting nonetheless.

Well, there you have it, my visit to the Boston Flower & Garden Show.  When all was said and done, I was glad I visited the show.  For a few hours I did get to experience Spring even if snow was still on the ground outside the auditorium!  Seeing all the lovely flowers has to lift your spirits, right?

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