Changing It Up for Summer

During the winter I seemed to decorate in monochromatic tones.  It seemed soothing to have rooms decorated in winter whites and heavier colors such as reds and earth tones.  However, now with summer approaching, I feel it's time for lighter, more vibrant color. The winter whites are getting old.  Of course, you can't go out and buy all new furniture but, you can change it up with different accessories.

I think my first inspiration came when I found two turquoise blue vases in the basement.  I also found a multi-colored table runner in my buffet drawer that happened to have the exact blue in the print.  Next, I purchased some turquoise placemats at the Christmas Tree Shop and I was on my way.

These summer plates and bowls were a gift for Mother's Day from my daughter, Brittany.  I think she bought them at Homegoods.  That could be why the colors match so well with my table runner. I purchased the runner at Homegoods also.  The knubby plastic glasses were a Homegoods find, as well.  You can always find great things there!

Don't you just love the turquoise color of this vase?
This is a painting Brittany did in an art class she took in high school.  She has never liked it and keeps telling me that "it isn't very good."  However, I've always loved it.  I think Brittany is being overly critical. The colors are cheery and go so well with my turquoise theme.  I didn't see any reason not to use it :)
I really wanted to use fresh flowers in the vase instead of the silk ones I ended up using but, I didn't have time to run to the store.  The next time I have company coming I will definitely buy fresh flowers.  Fresh is always the best choice!  However, these worked in a pinch.

I chose to use silk flowers for this arrangement and I am happy with that decision.  This arrangement is light and airy, just like summer and, of course, the blue and white went with my color scheme!

I am very excited about how well all my pieces coordinated with each other.  I also love how much color is in the room now.  These accessories really added the color I was looking for to make the transition from winter to summer.  It's wonderful living in an area where you can fully enjoy the four seasons of the year.  This can be reflected in your home décor, as well.
Tying silverware in a napkin with ribbon is always a quick and easy tablescape idea.

I think this table setting would be great for a brunch or a luncheon.  Iced tea would look yummy in these knubby glasses.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the little tour of my dining room with its bright and cheery colors.  I hope I haven't gone overboard with color.  Next, I'll be moving outside to decorate the deck, just as soon as we have finished staining it.  Until then, I'll be adding color in other rooms of the house.  So far, I've changed the heavy red drapes in the family room to lighter chartreuse curtains and also added brighter pillows to match the color in the curtains.  I've also added touches here and there, wherever I felt "something" was needed.  By making these little changes, the inside of your home will gently transition from winter to summer just like it does on the outside! 
Happy Decorating!!

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