Lilac and Queen Anne's Lace Arrangement

The lilacs in my yard suddenly bloomed yesterday.  They are so fragrant that I wanted to bring some into the house.  Lilacs always bring me back to my childhood.  My grandparents had a great hedge of substantial lilacs at the end of their dirt driveway and I especially loved visiting them during lilac blooming season.  Of course, I loved visiting them all of time, which, thankfully, was often since we lived close by.  They were the quintessential grandparents with gray hair and warm hearts.  They lived in an old Cape Cod house that had the aroma of the sugar cookies my grandfather baked wafting throughout the house.  Yes, my grandfather was the baker in their little family and the smell of his cookies was the first thing you noticed as you entered their home.  They were always delicious!

~Back to my Lilac Arrangement~

As wonderful as lilacs are, I decided that I would like my arrangement to be more interesting than simply a bowl of cut lilacs.  Therefore, I grabbed a few bunches of flowers from Trader Joe's to add to the mix.

One of the bunches I purchased contained Queen Anne's Lace which I thought would give an airy, wispy look to the arrangement.  The bunch also included three peach roses along with a few  stems of stock, snapdragons and lilies.  I seem to be obsessed with peach roses this spring!  I also grabbed bunches of white and purple/burgundy alstroemeria.  I was planning on using the alstroemeria as the base for my arrangement.  However, this plan didn't work as well as I had hoped but, adding the lilacs ended up filling out the arrangement nicely.  All was well :)

I love the look and smell of lilacs.  I often seem to wait too long to cut them, however.  They don't really last that long in peak bloom so, try to make sure you cut a few quickly if you want to enjoy the fragrance in your home.  I'm glad I cut mine today.

My free-form arrangement found it's final spot on my family room coffee table.  The lilac fragrance is traveling all through the house.  It's great!  And, I am going to enjoy my carefree design for a bit.  It's always fun experimenting

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