Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!  I have to admit, I usually do not decorate for this holiday but, this year, I decided would be different.  I thought it would be fun to create a Cinco do Mayo themed table using all the bright colors of the holiday.

I did some research on what Cinco de Mayo is all about.  It's pretty interesting. Evidently, Mexico surprisingly beat the French at the Battle of Puebla.  (Puebla is a state in Mexico.)  The victory was a surprise because apparently the French Army was larger and better equipped than the Mexican Army.  Had Mexico not beaten the French, it is widely believed that the French, having come off a great win, would have joined forces with the Confederate Army and fought against the Union Army in our Civil War.  We don't want to think about how that might have changed history! I guess that's why the US celebrates Cinco de Mayo along with Mexico.  (Beer might have something to do with it, too!)

Oh well, enough of my history lesson.  On to the decorations! 
I've been making tissue paper flowers for about a week. You can find the tutorial here. They are fun to make and very, very easy.  I love the fluffy texture and the bright colors!  You can kind of let your hair down with Cinco de Mayo!

These fiesta colored flowers went perfectly with the theme.  The flower bunches were called "Crazy Mix."
Kind of describes them ideally, don't you think?

If you didn't want to use the flowers for your decorations, using just the tissue flowers would work also.  This idea could be used for a children's party, as well as for an adult party.  Either way it's fun!

I may have gotten carried away with the tissue paper flowers!

All we need now is a pinata!!

Hope you enjoy your Cinco de Mayo! 
If you can't celebrate it on the 5th, why not go to a Mexican restaurant over the weekend?
Since my husband's away on business, I think that's what I am going to try to do!!


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