Forced Forsythia and Thank You

I am sorry about being late with my post this week.  Sometimes life just gets in the way!  I'm back and today I would like to tell you a little bit about a friend of mine and her unexpected and fun gift.

Nancy is a friend from my garden club.  I met her many years ago when I joined the group.  She is full of energy and, as I have discovered, a great gardener.  Once a year our club will hold a mini plant swap, just for our members. We all try to bring something from our gardens to share. Whenever I come home with something from Nancy's garden I know it is going to thrive in mine! I think I may have shared a few pictures of some of her plants in my previous posts or, perhaps, on Facebook.

At my last meeting, which was held at Nancy's house, she greeted us with these forced forsythia branches.  She often reminds us if the weather has been generous enough to give us three days in a row of above freezing temperatures{in late winter}, you can cut and bring forsythia branches inside your house to force them to blossom. Simply place the branches in a bucket of water and put them in a warm, sunny spot.  Thankfully, as often is the case, Nancy had already done all of the work for us!  Thank you, Nancy!

As you can see, the tulips were still closed when I bought them.
I had not planned to match the tulip color so well with the colors in the print above my buffet table but, it worked out nicely.
The next day the tulips had started to open and were growing towards the light, as they like to do.
So from the random act of kindness of my friend, Nancy, I was able to do one of the things I enjoy most in life...playing with flowers...while at the same time, I was able to bring a touch of spring into my home.  Thanks again, Nancy!!  Here's to random acts of kindness!

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