Purple Anemones for a Friend

Periodically, I like to go to a local farmer stand and buy some fresh flowers.  I say farm stand because I'm not sure what the correct term for the place would be.  It is more like an organic grocery store than farm stand but, for my purposes, we'll call it a farm stand.  I just love going there and looking at the assortment of cut flowers.  It's a great place for me to visit and become inspired.  The best thing is that this farm stand is only 20 minutes from my home, as opposed to the flower market in Boston, which is more like 45 minutes to an hour away, on a good day.  My daughter, Brittany, will go with me once-in-a-while, which makes the trip all the more fun.  Last weekend we went on one such excursion.  She and I had been doing some other shopping and at the last minute decided to stop by Idylwilde Farm in Acton to see what we could find... flower-wise. We found these beautiful purple anemones.  The color was so vibrant, I just couldn't resist taking them home.

We also found purple Sea Heather (It's the wispy stuff in the background.)...

Pink Lisianthus...

and purple button mums.  
Unfortunately, Brittany had to go home before we were able to play with the flowers.  I ended doing that the next day by myself.  I missed her but, it was fun anyway!


I thought dressing up the square 5" vase with this purple ribbon would add a little "zip" to my arrangement.  I decided on tying the ribbon in this twisty fashion. I think there is a name for this pattern but, I honestly can't remember it. 

I'm sorry I didn't take photos as I was arranging the flowers (in the zone, you know!) but, here is the end result.
I thought it turned out quite nicely.  The purple of the anemones was outstanding!

Here you can see the lisianthus and sea heather up close.  The sea heather broke up the solid purple of the anemones, which gave the whole look some extra dimension.
The yellow flowers you see here are really the pink lisianthus.  As they open and mature, they will turn pink.  Funny how they start out yellow.

There really is no reason to be showing you this photo except that I liked it.  The light exposure in my house was getting darker as they day worn on so, I decided to bring the arrangement outside to take more pictures.  I like the contrast of the flowers and the barren tree in the background.  I just love the colors of the flowers!  Brittany said this arrangement was one of her all-time favorites that I have made.  I'm not sure how to take that since I have made many more elaborate and fancy centerpieces but, I guess I will take the compliment, none-the-less  :).

As I looked at my finished product, I started to wonder if the purple ribbon made the arrangement too purply.  Is "purply" a word ?!  Anyway, I decided to change the ribbon color to pink to see how that would look.

I tied the ribbon pretty much the same way as I had with the purple ribbon.  The only difference was that the ends of the ribbon were tied in the back of the vase.

Here is the arrangement with the pink bow.  What do you think?  I ended up posting some photos of the centerpiece...some with the purple bow...some with the pink bow on Facebook and asked my followers which color they liked best.  Turns out the original purple was the color of choice.  However, before that choice had been determined, this bouquet was delivered to a friend of mine who had recently taken a fall.  My husband thought it might be nice to give the flowers to her.  I thoroughly agreed!  I only wish I had thought of it first! I hope she didn't mind the pink ribbon :).  

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