Styling an Old Cabinet

Ok, I know the cabinet below needs a facelift and should be painted, preferably white.  I know it but, truth be told, I'm a little afraid of painting furniture.  I don't know what it is.  It could be the mess of it all or the finality of changing an old piece into something else.  I don't know.  I've been wanting to paint this cabinet for years but, the truth is, the color works OK at Christmas and with Valentine's Day around the corner, it kind of works now, as well.  Let's face it-it's red!  So, it looks like I will be putting off the inevitable a little bit longer!

 I packed away all of the Christmas decorations and started on my "winter white" theme, as you may know if you have read my previous post.  I started adding white elements to this old cupboard the other day.
 As it turned out, a trip to Home Goods was in order.  I found this framed white print there.  It certainly went with the winter white theme!
 I rummaged through the basement and found this white antiqued flower pot and filled it with moss spheres. I found those at Home Goods, as well.  I liked how the green broke up some of the white and introduced a new color to the mix.
The candlestick holders I have owned for years.  I seem to be able to use them time and time again.  I hope it's not just me who thinks they look nice here :).

 Don't you think white pitchers fit in everywhere?  It's hard to go wrong with them.

I added the taupe colored silk flower to the birch container.  The crumpled up printed paper alone appeared too bland to me without it.
 This burlap ribbon wreath came as a two pack from Ballards.   I have used them over and over again all around the house. 
 The baby's breath was easily dried and works well with the white pitcher.

As January ended and February started, I was tiring of only using winter white in the house. So, in honor of Valentine's Day, I added these red hearts for a more vibrant look. I was amazed at how quickly that one addition changed the whole effect.

 The lighted votive in the back was great for the photograph but, I couldn't let it stay lit for very long, fire hazard and all!  A battery powered votive would be a safer choice.

 Oh yes, and then I found this LOVE banner I had made last year for Valentine's Day stashed away in my supplies.  Voila!  My cabinet was ready for the holiday!

So here we have it, my old red vintage cabinet all dressed up for Valentine's Day.  Phew, I made it through one more holiday without having to paint it.  Maybe daughter Brittany will relent and paint it for me.  We all know it is going to take a lot for me to do it :)!

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