Thinking Spring with Garden Roses

I have been infatuated with these corrigated zinc containers for some time now and I finally found them at my floral supply wholesaler.  Since I am always trying to practice my craft whenever I can, I thought, "Why not practice using these cute little tins?  You have to admit they are adorable!

I didn't have time for A LOT of practicing so, I decided to stop by Whole Foods to pick up some quick and easy flowers.  I purchased these pink and yellow garden roses, seeded eucalyptus, "regular" eucalyptus and waxflower.

Who could resist these beautiful garden roses?  Did you know they are sometimes called David Austin Roses?  Just beautiful!

My original thought was to make three mini arrangements using both the pink and the yellow roses but, as I looked at everything I thought better of that choice and only used the pink roses.  I thought the yellow would throw everything off.

 So, the first step, after putting some oasis in the containers, was to place four pink garden roses into each tin.  I only had 12 total so, that was the amount I used for each.  Normally, you would like to have an odd number of blossoms for your arrangement but, sometimes you just have to improvise.  I figured I could make it work somehow.
Next I added two spigs of regular eucalyptus to each tin and filled in the empty areas with waxflower and the greens of the waxflower.

 Last, but not least, came the addition of the seeded eucalyptus around the base of the flowers.  Seeded eucalyptus is so light and airy.  It's just lovely and the gray tone of the leaves looks nice next to the zinc of the container.
 Here is the trio.  I thought they were very dainty and old-fashioned looking.


Next came the question, "Where to put them in my house?"  Since I had been on vacation last week and had missed getting flowers for Valentine's Day, it seemed OK to keep them for myself this time :).

First, I tried the buffet in my living/dining room.  Do you see the piece of salvaged wood?  (It was on my dining table at Christmas.  You can see it here.)  I have relocated it to the buffet for a little while.  You know re-use, re-cycle...

I liked the arrangements there but, I also tried...


them here on the dining table.  I had this nifty chalkboard and thought of writing, "Think Spring" on it.  Not original but, I am truly hoping for spring so it seems like the correct sentiment to express.

If you are wondering what happened to the yellow garden roses, I put them in a simple clear vase.  Why not enjoy them just as they are?  I love their ruffled little centers!  Now there are flowers all over my house and it's great!

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