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Hi, there!  It is the end of another week in semi-shutdown mode.  Massachusetts is slowly starting to open.  Yay!  I have an actual hair appointment in about ten days.  I am so excited!  It is great to have some things slowly trying to get back to normal.  However, for the most part, I am still in shutdown status.  This is why my yard and garden have been so important to me.  They have given me a place to explore and view everyday for pure enjoyment.  Yesterday I even encountered a baby fawn nestled in a sea of ferns just a few feet away from me.  So cute!

Every year my yard and garden evolve throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons.  They move in a beautiful progression of colors and textures. I say this without boasting because for the most part I was given the framework when I moved into my home years ago.  I have supplemented where I could and put my touches into the garden but I didn't have to come up with the landscape plan from the start.  I have worked with what was there from the beginning.

The garden is now moving into the second or third phase of the season.  As part of the moving plan I have also planted most of the established flower beds so much is ready to go in terms of flourishment for the summer.

I have been taking photos along the way trying to journal what is happening here but, I can't say I have had a cohesive plan in doing so.  I hope you don't mine my "hit-or-miss" style :)

Some of the fruits of my own labor have been things like this candytuft perennial that I planted a year or two ago.  It is almost done blooming now but I have always loved candytuft and I am excited to see it return this year for another round.

Something that wasn't a fruit of my labor is this patch of lily-of-the-valley.  The lily-of-the-valley has spread all over the back yard and down the sides of my layered garden all by itself.  I know it can be invasive but I like that it fills in some of the gaps in the large hillside garden out back.  Seeing it also makes me think of weddings.  I know lily-of-the-valley isn't really a popular wedding flower anymore but, it still makes me think of weddings, nonetheless.  I has made me think of all the weddings I have not been able to do this Spring and Summer and the lovely couples who have had to postpone their wedding celebrations until 2021.

Right now much of my yard is in its purple stage.  I have tons of Siberian iris and purple bearded iris all blooming at the same time.  The bearded iris came to me as a gift from my friend, Roz, years ago and I have divided what came from that one little plant all over the yard.  This has been something that I have added to the evolution of my garden myself.  It would probably be more interesting if the bearded iris were another color but, I love purple so it is fine with me and I think of my friend, who has since moved away, every time it blooms.

There is purple catmint mixed in, as well.  I guess more purple, more the merrier!

The side yard has been transitioning, as well.

I started by filling in the planters on the side deck.  I dug up some self-transplanted boxwood from the back yard and used them to anchor the planters.  This was at a time when most of the nurseries were closed and I wanted something---anything--- green in the containers.  I was able to purchase other plants later to fill in around the boxwood.  The flowers have grown in quite nicely now.  (I should have taken another photo to show you 😁.  Hopefully, later.)

The side garden beyond the side deck is starting to fill in, too.  I wish it photographed better but as time goes on the cleome, impatiens, dusty miller and pansies will get bigger I hope and, perhaps, will show up better in photographs.

In front of the shed, I planted some violet impatiens and a few violet pansies.  The color of the flowers looks nice next to the stain of the shed.

I have also planted many, many window boxes and wall hanging planters around the house.  I love window boxes because I seem to have the best success with them.

I have a new garden sculpture to add to the garden this year.  This sculpture was given to my husband by a business associate and was handmade in Maine.  Pretty cool!  I love the dragon flies.

I also discovered a new variety of marigolds this spring at a nursery here in my town of Groton.  It is called strawberry blonde marigold. The nursery only had five flats of the new variety and I purchased two!  I kind of wish I had purchased more.  The remaining flats were all gone by the time I visited the nursery again.

I am also an equal opportunity gardener.  I even allow "weeds" to make an appearance if they are pretty.  To this point, I really love buttercups and allow them to do their thing as long as they don't get in the way of another plant.

Now finally, I end where I probably should have begun, the front door.  I purchased this funky door mat online in a weak moment when I was looking for something "different".  Well, I certainly got that but, I have to tell you that this cow door mat makes me laugh every time I enter my house.  That's got to be worth something :) ~

Happy Saturday, Everyone!!!

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