The Reception Flowers of a July Wedding on Cape Cod

Hi, all!  This will be the last installment of the wedding I did in July that I will share until I have access to the professional photos of the wedding.  As I have written in other posts about this wedding, it took place on Cape Cod in Harwich at the Wychmere Harbor Resort.  And as I have also said, it was one of the most beautiful wedding venues I have had the pleasure to be a part of. 

In my previous posts, (you can read them here and here), I shared the wedding party flowers and the ceremony flowers.  Today I will be sharing large ballroom photographs.  Since everything is always such a hurried and chaotic situation at these weddings, I have only a few photos of the venue to share with you today. My crew and I are just too busy to stop and take pictures as a rule.  I am hoping, however, that you can see and feel the effect of the massive space and appreciate the beautiful setting anyway. 

The hall is very long, almost tunnel like but, the white walls, stained beams and gorgeous chandeliers give an absolutely grand effect.

My crew and I immediately brought in the tall centerpieces that were going to stand on nine of the tables.

Each of the tables had a picture of the couple's dog, Nellie.  I think they went in monthly succession of Nellie's life :).

After the ceremony was over my crew and I moved the "hedge" arrangements from the ceremony into the ballroom.  Some went on the dining tables.  Some went on the sweetheart table. Some went on the gift table and on and on.  We had 26 of them, after all!

I did not have anything to do with the cake but, it was so cool I had to show it to you.  Do you see the yellow lab face of Nellie on it?  This couple does love their dog 💖.

We also moved the large ceremony arrangements to the large ballroom entry doors but, we were not able to take photos of them inside.  The event planner wanted us out of there as soon as possible.  It made for a bit of a stressful time.  That's the difference between what a bride wants and the event planner wants I have discovered.  I am hoping the photographer got a shot of the scene for me.

This lovely couple was all about the details and making their guests feel welcome and comfortable.  I loved working with them so much!

Being originally from the Cape myself I absolutely loved the view from the large windows of the boats and marina outside.  There was an elegant feel to the ballroom as well as a sense of calmness from the  view of the ocean.

I even liked the wallpaper on the walls!

The bride had wanted the flowers to be mainly white with just a "touch" of blue added in.  I think we accomplished this.

Now that the summer is almost over, I will be moving onto thoughts of fall and posting on that, although I do have another wedding to share with you at some point, too. We will see what I have in store.

  Try to enjoy the last bits of summer as best you can!

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