Decorating the House for the Season

Hi, all!  Here I am again with more Christmas decorations.  This time the view is from inside my house.  This post is a little all over the place but, that is how I am feeling this Christmas season.  I am enjoying all sorts of things like Christmas concerts and Christmas cookie decorating.  Generally spending time with my family.  BUT, the shopping is not done and I am getting a little nervous about that. I am sure it will all work out.  I'm just sayin'.

  In any case, here we go with more Christmas decorations.  If you would like to see my earlier post that featured the entry to my home, you may see it here.

I am going to start in a backward sort of way.  I wanted to share with you the tablescape I did at Thanksgiving.  You will see from the photo that I had already started my Christmas decorating so it is a mish-mash of seasons coming together :).

The centerpiece had simple elements like crystal "vases" and candlestick holders as well as silver dollar eucalyptus and white lisianthus, one of my favorite flowers.  It is so delicate and pretty. 

I just had to show you this before I moved totally onto Christmas decorating. 

 I hope you do not mind.


As you move into the living room, you find the buffet at one end of the room.

I decorated it this year with a flurry of trees.

I also purchased this garland of wooden beads at a specialty shop in Newburyport, MA.  I just HAD to have it but, when I actually tried to use it in different decorated areas the beads were too heavy.  So, I used them here along with a garland of pom-poms trying to create an image of snow and texture.

In the same room is the fireplace.  The wreath on the wall is more subdued this year.

The Christmas tree to the side is a new purchase for me this year. 

The garland with the felt snowflakes is new, as well.  I purchased it at the same specialty shop in Newburyport and, again, I had a hard time figuring out where to use it :).  

I zeroed in on this tree and I am happy with the decision.

Throughout the house I have a series of beamed entries that lead into various rooms of the house.  I adorn a couple of them with decorated garlands.  This garland leads you into the dining room.  

Since I mentioned the dining room, I will show you a smidgen of how the dining room table is decorated now for Christmas.

I liked the look I had on the table at Thanksgiving so for Christmas I kept it simple with similar colors.  Instead of using white flowers I used an assortment of silver balls in a raised white bowl as a centerpiece.

I also used faux greenery~

And a battery-powered light strand running down the table.  

Moving on now.  My husband has been in private aviation his whole adult life so,

 this pillow is quite apropos and an homage to him.

Finally, I will share some shelf-decor with you.  I have collected all sorts of trinkets over the years and even though I am trying to keep it simple this year, I can't help but make displays all around the house.
This shelf is in the kitchen.

This guy sits on the piano.

This is something I made one year and I still love it :).

These shelves are in a cabinet in the family room.

And finally, here is a garland of Santas sliding down a post also in the family room.

Happy December!

Hope you are enjoying the season!

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  1. Your home looks lovely! I especially love your buffet and your tablescape! I'm delighted to be sharing your home at Tuesday Turn About!

  2. Thank you so much, Julie. I have been away on a mini vacation and returned to this exciting news. Thank you!

  3. Beautiful rooms and decor. Did you make the Santa on the line? I would like to know how. Thanks.

  4. Thank you, Linda. I did not make the Santa on the line. It is actually a garland that I bought, I believe, at Michael's a few years ago. It is awfully cute. I have to admit :).