A Fun Entertaining Idea

I found the idea for this colorful snack or appetizer in an old grocery store flyer.  I was about to throw it away when I saw the recipe for these cute "floral bouquets".   Do you see the cucumber flowers?  It was suggested that these "bouquets" would be good for a child's snack.  I thought they would be great for adults also.  You could use them as a healthy appetizer for guests who are trying to "be good" or, perhaps, these individual bouquets could serve as your first course.  It's a neat way to have the salad course taken care of while allowing you to easily serve the main meal when everyone is seated at the dining table.  These individual snack cups seem to be a trend.  Another idea to try-- individual layered dip with tortilla chips.  That sounds good too!


The ingredients for this "bouquet" are celery, red pepper, orange pepper, baby carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes (I had to use grape tomatoes.  They were out of the cherry ones at my grocery store.) and spinach leaves.  I used Kraft Classic Ranch Dressing, the no fat version.  It was delicious but, you could use any dressing you choose.
These little salads certainly add color to the buffet table! 

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