Shade Garden Coming Along!

Here's the shade garden that I posted a few weeks ago.  It is filling in nicely.  The red begonias and blue lobelia are getting bigger.  I love the bright colors together. The lady's mantle is in bloom now.  The snapdragons are growing taller but haven't blossomed yet.  When they do, that should really make a difference for the overall look of the garden.

It's funny how each year things can be so different with perennials.  I have had years when my Jacob's Ladder has been beautiful and full, really lovely.  However, this year there are only a few spindly blossoms on a few stems. You can see the tiny blue/purple flowers in between the magenta foxglove in the back of the garden.  It's disappointing but, the harsh winter may have had something to do with the Jacob's Ladder poor performance.  Not much you can do about that!


My beloved browallia isn't really making a show yet but, it will. The cleome will make its move soon and grow up in between the the foxglove and the Jacob's Ladder.  The plan is for the cleome to bloom just as the foxglove and Jacob's Ladder are pretty well finished.  Hopefully, my garden plan will work.  I'll let you know what happens!


  1. I love the red and blue flowers up front. You have such a lovely garden!


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