Getting Ready for My Art-in-Bloom Event

Tonight I am getting together with some friends and family to try out my new idea for a workshop/party idea I am developing.  Tonight it is called an "Art-in-Bloom Evening".  This is an idea I have come up with after visiting the Boston MFA's Art-in-Bloom event for the past four or five years.  The museum hosts it every spring and I believe I read somewhere that the first museum to hold such an event was the Boston MFA in 1974.  Many other cities now host art-in-bloom events, as well.  I visited Philadelphia's show several years ago and enjoyed it very much also.  It's always interesting to see how other cities present a common idea.

If you don't know what art-in-bloom is, here is a very basic definition.  It is the process of interpreting a piece of art, such as a painting, sculpture or any type of art you choose, with flowers and other floral material.

My art-in-bloom event is just for fun, not at all as intense as a museum art-in-bloom.  I want to offer clients an opportunity to invite their friends for an evening or afternoon; perhaps, enjoy some refreshments and then play around with flowers in an artistic way!  Tonight is my test drive before offering the idea to the public.

The picture below shows some of the materials I will be bringing to my friend's home.   As you can see there are flowers, oasis, clippers, a Monet art book and a "thank you" gift for my friend, along with other materials.  I'm hoping to get some good photos of tonight's party to share with you!  Keep your fingers-crossed that all goes well!

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