Well, I think that Wednesday's "Art-in-Bloom Evening" was a success.  We had a great time visiting, sharing some food and arranging flowers inspired by Monet's paint The Grand Canal 1908.

After all the supplies were neatly arranged, we sat down to nibble on some yummy appetizers, as well as sipping on white wine.  It was a lovely way to start the evening.

I started the presentation with my example of an art-in-bloom design.  This painting is The Golden Islands 1892 by Henry Edmund Cross.  The painting was basic and interesting all at the same time, making it enticing to interpret.  As you can see I used flowers in a layering effect to represent the painting.  The beige container represented the bottom beige layer; orange astroemeria mixed with catmint (from my garden) the next layer; blue/white hydrangea and blue delphinium represented the main part of the painting with baby's breath mixed in to mimick the white dots; and finally orange astroemeria was added to simulate the hue at the bottom of the painting. 

Next it was time to start the fun and let the guests create their own masterpieces!  Among the supplies used were, of course, flowers,  oasis, various containers to choose from, blue painted sticks from my yard, bbq skewers, markers and clippers.  All to be used however the guests chose.

                                     Having fun designing!

Originally I wanted to use cardboard display boards to cause a separation among the designers so no one could see what the other designer was doing but, it was a very hot night and all the windows in the home needed to be open.  The boards kept falling over from the wind.  So, I nixed that idea.  The designers were so into making their own creations that they didn't have time to see what the others were doing.  It worked out very well.  All the designs came out very different from one another.

Some of the finished products!

Isn't it interesting to see the different ways people interpret the same painting?  This is the fun part for me, seeing all kinds of creativity.

Proud floral designers!

Now for my funny little coincidence!  I created a powerpoint presentation to show an actual museum art-in-bloom.  I wanted all participants to know what I was talking about.  So, I used some photos I had taken in April at the Boston MFA Art-in-Bloom.  Unbeknownst to me, the same painting I had chosen from an art book I borrowed from my local library was the same painting that the MFA had chosen to be interpreted!  Honestly, it was totally coincidental!
  Now, you have to realize these designers have much, much more experience and many more resources with which to work than my little art-in-bloom workshop has but, I think my designers did a pretty good job, considering!

All-in-all it was a very successful night.  I was able to try out my idea for a night of fun, food and flowers with friends and family, a safe place for me.  I was able to work out the kinks and mechanics of the workshop with friends, while, at the same time, receiving constructive input, a vital part of the whole process.  There's a strong possibility I will be marketing my "Art-in-Bloom Evening" to the general public in the near future.  Should be fun!
Again, I'll keep you posted!

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