Why Not Try a Basket for a Container?

I had some extra flowers left over from my Art-in-Bloom Evening and wondered what I could do with them.  And then, I found this basket!
The first thing I did was find soda bottles, the one liter size.  I find that size works well in these open container arrangements. Three of them were used here. Next, with a razor blade (be very careful) cut the top off of the bottle, trying to judge the right depth for your desired basket or container.  Next place the bottles in the basket and carefully add water.  I lined the bottom of the basket with paper to cushion the soda bottles and to make them stay in place.  Now, arrange the flowers to your heart's content!  Play with colors and textures.  It's always fun and you really can't make a mistake with flowers, can you? I thought this arrangment looked like it had come from the farmer's market.  You can tie on a handmade tag with ribbon, if you'd like.  It adds a nice touch.
For a little bit of money (these flowers came from Trader Joe's and a local grocery store) you can make someone's day and bring them a pretty and uniquely arranged bouquet of flowers.  If you can't think of anyone, you can always enjoy them yourself!

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