A Special Garden Dedication

Hello, Everyone!  I am finally online again and able to tell you about the touching and amazing day I was honored to be a tiny part of last week.  It was so very special and I am excited to share it with you.

   My daughter, Brittany, is a kindergarten teacher in a small private school.  It is a very close-knit community where individual families with a common vision for the education of their children bond in such a way as to create an extended family kind of environment.
   Last August, tragedy struck the school when sweet Jade, a soon-to-be kindergartner, passed away from complications of a sudden and mysterious illness.  The school was obviously devastated and this terrible loss would impact the complete school year for the kindergarten class and its teacher.
   Since most of the children entering kindergarten had also been in pre-K together, the class would start their year with an all too obvious empty little chair in the classroom and an emotional hole in their hearts.  It was and still is, to a great extent, a deeply sad time.  However, feeling that something had to be done in tribute to the memory of Jade, Brittany set out to create a beautiful children's garden that would be housed in a courtyard right next to the Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms.  Last week was the dedication of this amazing place. 


As to my little participation in the garden dedication, Brittany had asked me if I would please make some centerpieces for the event.  I was thrilled to help out and be a part of such a lovely occasion.  So, of course, a trip to the flower market was in store!  The color theme was to be pink, purple, white, a touch of blue and a little whimsy.  So much fun!  I chose the flowers and...

...was off to the shed to make floral creations~~ my favorite part of the whole process.

In the end, I made five centerpieces and two hand held nosegays; one for Jade's mom and one for her grandmother.

The Nosegays

I forgot to mention the significance of the turquoise blue vases.  The movie, Frozen, was Jade's favorite movie and the ice-blue was her favorite color.  Since I couldn't buy turquoise flowers, turquoise blue vases would be the vase of choice for the arrangements.

Each of the centerpieces included a butterfly to add some whimsy and playfulness.

These little arrangements are among my favorites of all the centerpieces I have made thus far, maybe because there was so much meaning behind them.  I am not sure exactly why but, I did think they were lovely, nonetheless.

  The flowers I used included peonies, Queen Anne's Lace, stock, scabiosa, roses, ranunculus, speedwell, delphinium, lisianthus, ming fern and maiden hair fern.

 Next it was time for delivery and on to the main event.


Jade's family and special friends were given a time to visit the garden alone and to enjoy it for themselves before the rest of the guests were invited to tour the garden.

When I finally made it to the garden I was thrilled to see what a beautiful and magical place it was for everyone but, especially for children; just as Brittany had planned.  Of course, the day was all about remembering Jade and giving a time of healing to her family but, I could not help but have a tremendous amount of pride for the wonderful job Brittany had done in planning and creating this lovely, lovely garden.  It really had been her brainchild and mission for much of the year.
 She had a lot of help from the school family all along the way, as well, with too many helpers to count; all giving and contributing so much.  So many people had lent a hand to the building of this place. From the removal of huge boulders to the hand crafting of the miniature picnic tables, everyone and everything was so important to the success of the garden.

The garden was so crowded when my husband and I arrived that it was hard to take very good photos.  Suffice to say there was plenty to see--murals, birdbaths, birdfeeders, raised flowerbeds, planters, a statue, a potting bench, mini picnic tables, a book nook--too many elements to mention.

 This little corner of the garden is dedicated to the memorial for Jade.  There is a birdbath and a statue of a little girl sitting down to read a book--more loving touches.

 Once all had seen and experienced the garden for themselves, everyone was invited to a reception of appetizers, beverages and desserts.  Many, many people contributed to the bringing and serving of the refreshments.

Students of the high school offered their time to serve passed hors d'oeuvres, families contributed appetizers and desserts, staff offered help with set-up and anything else that was needed and my son-in-law, Tim, Brittany's husband, kept everything going in the kitchen.  It was a wonderful collaborative effort and a marvelous thing to see. 

Someone in the school family made these hearts for Jade's family.  Jade's mom asked if they could be placed on the banquet tables to be shared with everyone.

It was such a wonderful and uplifting gesture.

I was happy to see my little centerpieces had gone to good use :).

As the late afternoon drew to a close, a plaque was presented in honor of Jade that will be placed in the garden as a memorial to a sweet little girl who seems to have touch many, many lives.

The event ended as many great parties do...with cake...and memories of a very special day and a very special little girl. 

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  1. So beautiful! What a wonderful way to honor this little girl's memory.

  2. Thank you. It was wonderful to see something so beautiful come out of such sadness.

  3. Your bouquets are beautiful! A lovely post... Jade will be long remembered. <3

  4. What a gorgeous party and the flowers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for hosting!


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