Sprucing Up the "She" Shed

 Hey there!  I am back from my mini-vacation and all excited about the arrival of spring!  Spring produces so much incentive to get out and get things done.  This week I have been sprucing up my She Shed to get it in shape for the upcoming designing season.  I actually hate calling it a She Shed because that doesn't give it the dignity it deserves. It is where I do a lot of my floral designing, when the weather cooperates...and it is cooperating big time right now!  I prefer to call it my design studio but, that sounds a little uppity, doesn't it?

However, before I can do my designing, the shed needs to get a spring cleaning.  It needs to be swept out and vacuumed where necessary.  It needs a general cleaning before it is ready for me.  So, this week I cleaned it up and organized some of the areas that had become a bit cluttered over the winter.

I freshened up this corner and hung some items that were simply laying around.

I dusted off shelves and other decorated areas of the shed.

I reminded myself that this is, in fact, my happy place and I have missed it through the long, cold winter.

One of the reasons this is my happy place is because I have a beautiful water view from many of the windows in the shed.  The view is just of a little pond across the street but a water view nonetheless and I love it.

I remembered that I had purchased these initials that represent the name of my company a while ago:  Mitchell & Company Designs and Events.  It surely is a mouthful.  When I was starting out I was trying to let people know what I was planning on offering the public.  I had taken an Event Planning accredited course at a local college and figured on going in that direction while using some of my floral design skills.  However, my business quickly turned into a mainly floral and wedding design business. I guess that happened because of the floral design classes and projects I had done along the way, which has been great, although I am always trying to grow in different areas.  I suppose that is why I started this blog :). I kind of wish when I started out that I had simply gone with name Designs and Events but, that is water over (under?) the bridge at this point.

I laid out the letters the way I had envisioned them looking on the wall.  Maybe one of these days I will put them up.

I organized my tools.

Took stock of my vase collection

These are the Lazy Susans I use while creating a centerpiece.  I am thinking I need to get a few more of these.  I have a big wedding coming up and there will be many people needing them.

I put up a new sign I found at The Christmas Tree Shop.  I posted a picture of this along with some other goodies I found there on my Instagram account.  Low and behold, The Christmas Tree Shop noticed and asked me if they could use my photo on their Instagram Feed. I was overjoyed!  

I became so inspired after cleaning up the place that I ran out and purchased some flowers to arrange.

I found some Bells of Ireland that I just had to use.  I will share that creation soon.  

Needless to say, I am overjoyed to be back in the shed where I love to be creative.

And, I am glad that it now has a fresher face~

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