Hydrangea and Rose Arrangement

Sorry I haven't create a post in a long time.  I went on yet another vacation and came home to all sorts of activities!  Also, I have been preparing for a wedding I am doing in just under two weeks and all of the preparation has been, of course, time-consuming.  I hope to share photos of that event soon, but, for now, I do not want to give away any of the wedding secrets!

However, I did make an arrangement this morning from flowers I bought at two grocery stores in my area.  Sometimes grocery stores can be hit or miss with the flowers they offer but, if you hit it right, you can find flowers in beautiful colors and shapes, allowing you to make great arrangements for dinner parties or just to brighten your home for your own enjoyment.

I actually bought these flowers for a wedding workshop I was hosting at my house and simply purchased the kind of flowers I needed, not really caring about the colors and how they coordinated with each other.

 When I looked at the buckets of flowers that remained I thought, "Why not make one big arrangement out of the left-over flowers?"  It would be a waste not to use them, right?  I was pleasantly surprised by the result.
 The flowers I used were white and blue hydrangea, red rose, light pink and white spray roses, white alstroemeria (these are always available at grocery stores) and a purple heather-like filler.  I wouldn't normally have chosen the purple filler with the blue hydrangea but, since I had it I used it.  I kind of like the pop of unexpected color.
 I love the texture of flowers!
So, go out and grab a few bunches of flowers from your supermarket and have fun creating a centerpiece for your table.  It might inspire you to invite someone over!

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