An Unexpected Benefit of Growing Coleus from Seed!

So, way back in the spring I did as I often do.  I planted some flower seeds in a seed starter kit to see what would happen.  Unfortunately, almost all of the plants that sprouted eventually died...except for a few scraggly coleus plants. I barely kept them alive in the starter kit until way into June (maybe even early July :-0) and finally planted them in the two planters on my front porch.

I think at the same time I may have added some more flowers to the planters because the pansies had petered out and I was trying to salvage the poor planters as best I could.  I religiously watered all the plants but, the coleus lamented and didn't seem to grow much at all during the rest of the summer.  

Well, it wasn't until a few days ago while in a hurried state of trying to get my life in order before starting a wedding I am doing next week that I really looked at those front planters and saw just how beautiful those coleus had actually become!  So much so that I realized that the front step really didn't need too much more to make it look beautiful for the fall.  A wreath here and there and an heirloom pumpkin and I was pretty much done....for now anyway.

The coleus have been helped tremendously in their growth with the warm September we have been experiencing this year.  There haven't been any frosts forecasted, which has been nice for my flowers.  It hasn't, unfortunately, been great for the EEE outbreak we have been experiencing here in Massachusetts.  It has been rather scary to tell you the truth.

 I know it is just a waiting game.  The frost will come and my coleus will be gone but, until then, I am going to enjoy the heck out of them!

I haven't gone with the traditional orange pumpkins yet but, I still might, especially if a frost does come.  I probably will add a few more pumpkins for dramatic affect anyway.  Besides, judging from the local farm stands, it is a bumper crop year for pumpkins!

I purchased this curly willow at the beginning of the season from a farm stand that had just cut the branches from a few of their own curly willow trees. Once I plunked these branches into the planter they started growing new leaves.  It was the funniest thing!  I am wondering if I could plant the twigs in the ground and start growing curling willow of my own.  Maybe I'll give it a try!

So as you can see, my front entry is still pretty colorful.  I am super-psyched about that.  I don't see any reason to start over with fall plantings at this stage of the season.

The coleus in the planter to the far right of this picture were not grown from seed by me.  I bought some clearance plants from Lowes a few weeks ago.  As awful as they looked they have rebounded pretty well, which was also a surprise to me :). 

I liked this photo because it showed the lovely blue sky~  We do own the funniest looking contemporary.  It is really hard to photograph well :/

Once I had taken all of my photographs and started to truly look at them, I realized the fall hat on the front door really needed a bow.  It looked too dark on the front door.

So, I took one more photo for good measure :).  

It seems to still be a little dark.  I might have to try another bow.

As I mentioned, I am doing the flowers for a wedding next weekend.  Therefore, it is unlikely I will be publishing a post next week.  It is always crazy during wedding week!  Hopefully, I will be in touch soon after that.

Until we meet again,


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  1. Yes, I think you could grow a curly willow or more of your own! Isn't it fun when things like that happen! I'm visiting from "You're the Star."

    Liberty @

  2. Oh, that is great to hear! And, yes, it is fun when things like that happen :). Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Your house looks beautiful for fall! The coleus has always been a favorite for gardens at my house.