Outdoor Harvest Decorations

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  It's a great time to decorate the outside of your home with organic and natural elements. Fall decorating really is the beginning of holiday decorating for me.  I especially love all the colors of fall.  The changing leaves provide a natural backdrop for beautiful outdoor "decor". Pumpkins, gourds, berries, branches, all can be used to create great scenery around your home, inside and out.  For today, I am focusing on outdoors.

I decided to create a natural centerpiece on the raggedy old picnic table in my yard. The pumpkins, guords and Indian corn were purchased but I was able to find the bittersweet (unfortunately) and the hydrangeas in my yard and garden.
I added a burlap tablecloth to cover the raggedy table.  The burlap will last one season even in the rain so, it's a sure bet for the fall.

My barn is another fun place to decorate.  It's very rustic and the mums, ornamental cabbage, cornstalks, pumpkins and ornamental peppers used together look perfectly "fallish".

The window boxes of the barn are constantly being changed with the seasons of the year.  Here I have again used hydrangeas from the garden.  I also used burning bush branches I cut from shrubs in my woods.  They add delightful color to the window boxes.

Don't you just love the looks of autumn?

The front entry of your home is a great place to showcase your harvest decorating skills.  This is where you welcome your friends, family and sometimes strangers.  Why not make it as warm and festive as possible?

Start with a wreath or some kind of decorative hanging on the door.  Then, you can add planters and potted mums, as well as more pumpkins and gourds, if you'd like.  The coleus from the summer is still going strong and complements the yellow mum and orange pumpkins.

This was just a silly and fun arrangement I made for the wall between my garage doors.

I even decorate the playhouse for fall.  Any place in your yard you want to decorate is fair game and look how much fun this is!

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