Obsessed With Plaid Ribbon This Season


Welcome!  The holiday season is speeding by and, as usual, I am behind in almost every area of the holidays.  While I am wrestling through, I wanted to show you my fascination with a particular black-and-white plaid ribbon I found at Michael's.  It is showing up in all areas of my home.

I started with the artificial tree in my family room.  That was why I purchased the ribbon in the first place.

I always put an artificial tree in my family room because we heat that room mainly by a woodstove so a live tree would never make it.  We needed to purchase a new faux tree this year and I wanted to change up the decorations...a little.  I still wanted to use the ornaments I have been collecting for years.  However, a small change was in order.  The Climbing Santa was an addition that my daughter, Brittany, insisted we purchase for her toddler son to enjoy last year.  As it turns out, he is terrified of it!  So goes, the life of a gramma!

I did love the plaid ribbon and I used it as a garland for the tree.  However, while I was decorating the tree, I realized I still needed a touch of red to make the look work.  Luckily, I had also purchased a red solid ribbon when I bought the plaid ribbon.

Once I added the splashes of red and added all the ornaments, I was content with how the tree looked.

Next I moved to the outside of my home.  I made two simple bows for boxwood wreaths I purchased for my dual front doors from the plaid ribbon.  I added in the faux berries and Christmas balls to add some color.  I wasn't happy with no contrast at all :).

Liking the look, I moved onto the French doors of my studio.  I added in the red ribbon of the family  Christmas tree to give a punch of red on these doors, as well.  I love looking out there and seeing the splash of color
 (and, of course, the lights~).

This ↑ was my studio last night, all twinkling and festive.

This was my studio ↓ this morning after the nighttime snow. You can still see the plaid ribbon though!
And it is pretty, the scene I mean~

I also used the plaid ribbon to tie the wall-hanging container between our garage doors together.  It looked unfinished before I included this small bow.

This wreath welcomes you through the front door of my home.

I hope to bring you a proper Christmas tour of the rest of my home soon.  If I can't do it in time for Christmas, I will do another one of my "After Christmas Christmas Tours".  They seem to be popular, even after the holiday.  Haha.

Stay tuned.  Until then,
 Happy Holidays!!!

****I have not been compensated in any way for this post. 

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