A Gallery of Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Hey, all! I am here today to talk a little turkey!  As a blogger I am not as ahead of the game as most other bloggers are who usually post about the next season to come.  I am trying to get better at that but, by and large, I am in the moment kind of girl.  However, I have noticed lately that this Thanksgiving tablescape of mine has been doing very well on Pinterest so, I thought, perhaps, you might want to take a peek at it again along with some other Thanksgiving tablescapes I have done in the past.

I really enjoyed creating this table but had no idea that it would be such a hit on Pinterest.

The funny thing about this tablescape is that the photography is not very good. I am surprised as bad as it is that the photos are still doing fairly well on Pinterest. I have tried and tried to edit the photos and make them better but, these seem to be as good as it is going to get.  

Another funny thing is that this tablescape is placed on my old, wobbly dining table with all of its darkness.  I have since purchased a new, lighter colored table and my husband has also painted my old hutch and buffet to compliment it.  I guess I haven't done a Thanksgiving tablescape on the new set-up yet.  I'll probably do that in November when I should be creating a Christmas centerpiece but, I've already told you how unconventional I am as a blogger :).

For some reason I think I had an abundance of seeded eucalyptus that year.  Seeded eucalyptus looks wonderful in the fall and was the shining star of this table.

This photo ↓ is from a staged photo shoot I did for Instagram.  I think the orange cabbage rose simply makes the picture~

The following photos are from a Thanksgiving tablescape I did in my floral shed a few years ago.  I think this is my favorite Thanksgiving tablescape.  I like the lighting better and I used my grandfather's table for the setting.  I have such fond memories of eating around that table that anything I create on it is special to me.

I also like highlighting the large galvanized tray I purchased at Pottery Barn :).

  My daughter, Brittany, forced me to buy the white wreath.  She said I would find all sorts of uses for it and she was right.  I like it in its simply state here.

I had to get a shot of my lovely shed chandelier too!

I also created another fall tablescape in the shed last year.  I think these ideas could be used at Thanksgiving, as well.  I had just done the flowers for a fall wedding and had lots of silver dollar and seeded eucalyptus leftover, along with flowers, berries and sea holly.  That enabled me to make this pretty floral table runner.

I thought this was a pretty photo.  My shed is in the middle of the woods with a view of the pond across the street.  It is such a peaceful place~

This was the actual table I used for my large family Thanksgiving last year.  For space reasons we had to serve the main meal in the basement so, I did my best to make the table pretty.  Even with the paper napkins and plastic cups (which we used to make less work for all concerned) I still thought the table had an elegant look.

So, this year I am really into these fabric pumpkins.  I want to create something special with my new dining table and painted furniture for Thanksgiving this year,  Give me a few weeks and I will be back to show you 😉

I hope you are having fun creating your own Thanksgiving Tablescapes!

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  1. Enjoyed seeing all of these and am so glad you aren't so ahead of the season that I feel as if I'm being rushed into the next holiday! Don't know where you are located, but I wish we had seeded eucalyptus in such abundance in the foothills of the Rockies.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement of not rushing the seasons :). I live in the Northeast but, I get my seeded eucalyptus from the flower market so I don't think it naturally grows here. Perhaps, you could find it a place that sells more varied flower material in your area. Good luck!

  2. These are all gorgeous tables! I love your shed, and the basement table is beautiful! Love your creativity! :)

    1. Thank you so very much! How nice of you to say :).

  3. Thank you for sharing such beautiful table settings and your window with the lovely woods behind it makes my heart smile. Just perfect! Our life goes fast enough without rushing the seasons. LOL

  4. Wow, Christine! What a lovely tablescape for Thanksgiving... that centerpiece runner is gorgeous! Congrats on your feature at Homestyle Gathering! We just opened our party for this week at Tuesday Turn About! We'd love to see you there, via myweeabode.com!

  5. Thank you so much, Julie. I didn't know about the feature so, thank you for letting me know! (I will go and thank Kim~) I will definitely go over to Tuesday Turn About! Thanks for the invitation :).

  6. Hi Christine!
    While reading the comments over at Homestyle Gathering, I realized I forgot to let those know who were being featured. I see you've already been to the party and realized you are a feature. :) Thanks so much for sharing at HG!
    >>> Kim

    1. Thank you! Julie B. informed me of the feature. It was really nice of her. Thank you again for featuring me. I truly appreciate it :).

  7. Oh I love you are blogging in the moment! It seems so much more sincere. It is now that people need fresh inspiration - not two months ago when it was 80 degrees.

    That seeded eucalyptus really took center stage. I love your tablescapes. Thank you!

  8. Thank you, Michele. You are so sweet! I wish you a happy November :).